International Research Associates (INRA) Ltd. was established in March 1976 by Dr. Frederic L. Ayer, known as the pioneer of credit reporting and corporate analysis in Thailand. Since its establishment, INRA has become Thailand's leading credit reporting agency and maintains international clients ranging from foreign governments, credit insurance organizations, multinational companies and leading commercial reporting agencies worldwide.

Our Standard

Today, INRA's Commercial Credit Reports reflect the result of careful investigations by qualified local specialists. Traditional of field research with the use of highly developed EDP technology is applied, in order to enhance the quality of our products and the efficiency of our service.

The understanding of cultural settings and business environment in the countries which INRA delivers reports, guarantees the most accurate and sophisticated credit information.

INRA makes up-to-date investigations on all inquiries and can be processed on a Normal, Urgent and Super Urgent basis with different formats to meet our customers need. Our report can be delivered by express airmail, fax or e-mail.