What is a Credit Report?

This is a fast and reliable source of corporate information for clients to use as a reference for considering credit facilities, business collaboration, merger and acquisitions, marketing and other business purposes.

It contains essential information needed to evaluate the creditworthiness of existing or future trade partners, hence allowing users to take more effective decisions based on real knowledges minimizing their credit risks.

What's the use of Credit Report?

The risk resulting from a non-payment from receivables, could affect severely the cash flow of a company.

To forecast the possibility of or to avoid this disaster, good, reliable and updated information helps you, at the primary stage, to trade on a secure basis by being informed on the financial situation and operating activities of your existing or future trade partners.

As an Importer:

Have you ever wired money to new suppliers and never received the goods?
Knowledge on the Financial status of the supplier is vital before any money transaction is made.

As an Exporter:

Have you ever sent goods and never got paid?
It is advantageous to know the Customer's Financial Stability, Litigation status, Payment Terms before granting any credit to avoid the risk of non-payment.

What's the content of a credit report?

Contents of a credit report may vary from country to country due to different laws and regulations, but users can refer to Thailand's sample credit report hereunder for their own evaluation.

Which countries do we cover?

With over years of experience, International Research Associates (INRA) Ltd. is proud to provide you with worldwide corporate information selected from major credit reporting agencies of each countries. Click here to view countries covered