Commercial Debt Collection Service

Apart from the information business, INRA is also running, since 1990, a Legal Department. With over 10 years experience in recovering domestic debt, from negotiation to suing at the court, we are well aware that the more age is the debt, the less chance in recovering the amount due.

Our team of telecollectors and lawyers will be at your entire disposal and shall assist you at their best in recovering your "commercial debt" under a fair principle of "No Collection, No Pay". If we collect nothing, you pay us nothing. But if we collect the full debt amount or part of it, INRA shall be commissioned only based on the amount successfully collected.

For our Commission rate, please contact our collection team at

To keep our client informed on the progress of the collection, INRA will issue and e-mail a monthly report to our client on the 15th of each month together with the suggestion from our Telecollectors and/or Lawyers on persistent case.

Lawsuit and Litigation

In case where, after several attempts of diplomatic negotiation fail and the debtor still persists in not settling his debt to his creditor, the legitimate solution will be the use of "Lawsuit & Litigation". But before taking legal action against the debtor, our legal team shall get back to you for approval and authorization.

At this stage of Lawsuit & Litigation, there is no fixed rate as it will be quoted on a case by case basis but additional cost on the following items shall be beared by the client:

  1. Court fee (2.5% but not over THB200,000 on amount due, refundable after winning the case and finishing the process of seizure and sales of debtor's assets if any).
  2. Transportation and Placement Fee (if any) is charged in case where the debtor is located out of Bangkok and Surroundings.